Promote your organization’s good works and commitment to its people and community via social media.

Social media is one of the most powerful vehicles that companies have to disseminate information about their pro bono, community service, diversity, recruiting and professional development initiatives. It is also a way to communicate information to employees especially if you do not have an intranet.

Show how you give back to the community and your people. Provide examples of training programs you provide to employees to help them grow and learn. Demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion and pro bono work. If you give to causes, create a post about it. Include visuals of how you’ve helped others.

Clients want to see that your firm is a good corporate citizen – we increasingly see these questions asked in RFPs, and your social media presence is another important channel where you can reinforce this.

It will greatly differentiate your firm to have a social media presence that does not solely focus on how great you are, but rather what you do for the greater good of the community and your employees. It is also simply the right thing to do.

So do everything you can to promote these programs on your social channels in between touting your victories, news and wins. It is important for your clients and your employees and future employees.

We will never go back to doing business or conducting ourselves the way we were before the pandemic and George Floyd’s senseless death. Companies need to recognize this and embrace it.