I’ve learned a few important life lessons over the past year and a half after going through a tough time.

Of course we are all grappling with the pandemic but my life was turned upside down. I got out of an emotionally abusive relationship in which I had lost my voice and walked on eggshells, ended unhealthy friendships with mean girls and lost my job as a result of having an unsupportive workplace while battling depression.

I wish I had learned these lessons much sooner in my life, but better late than never.

We are all works in progress who are learning from each experience and mistake we make. Life tends to take us on twists and turns and teach us important lessons along the way.

Here are 10 things I’ve learned to stop wasting my time on in order to find more happiness in life. I hope they’re helpful to you too.

  1. Worrying about what others think of me. Other’s people’s opinions are just that – opinions.
  2. Trying to make everyone like me. Not everyone will like me and that’s okay.
  3. Social media accounts that don’t make me feel good about myself or people who just bullshit their way through life posting only perfect moments in their life. PS – no one’s life is perfect all the time. That’s why I think so many people say this blog resonates with them – I am mostly an open book.
  4. Obsessing over things I can’t control. This leads to worrying and anxiety and wrinkles – none of which are good especially now that I am in my early 40s.
  5. People who treat me poorly – this includes anyone who talks about me behind my back, who is unsupportive, competitive or jealous of me and those who just cause drama because they have nothing better to do. Karma eventually catches up with them.
  6. Beating myself up over past mistakes. What’s done is done. Learn from it, be a better person and move on.
  7. Trying to please everyone and working overtime trying to make everything okay while ignoring red flags. I have started to listen to my intuition more and to trust my gut. It’s okay to have boundaries.
  8. Being a perfectionist. Your good is good enough. Do your best and move on to the next thing. We are all just too busy to belabor something to death.
  9. Giving too much to people who don’t reciprocate.
  10. Trying to do it all. My to-do list is endless. I stopped beating myself up over not crossing off enough things on that list and sometimes just doing nothing or doing something for me – self-care is important.

I hope this list is helpful to you as you move into the new year. Think about what you would put on your own list and remember to always be kind to yourself.