One big no-no to do on LinkedIn when creating posts is to tag a lot of people in the post who are not directly related to it.

People do this because they think that it will help certain people see the post and therefore like it. But I think it does the opposite. It can annoy and confuse people.

Doing this can also make you appear as though you do not understand the fundamentals of how LinkedIn works, which is also again self-defeating when it comes to social media success.

I can tell you that when people do this to me, I got annoyed, untag myself and sometimes I unfollow that person.

Every connection you have is very valuable on LinkedIn, so treat them that way. This is the equivalent of LinkedIn spamming in my opinion, and it defeats your social media goals.

Focus more about creating quality content that will resonate with your network and then send the post to certain individuals with a personal note saying why do you think they would benefit from reading it.

Note that you can easily untag yourself from a post like this especially so you don’t get the annoying notifications related to the post.

Please don’t do this when it comes to your post. They are much more strategic ways to have your content noticed.

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