Here’s another tip from my secret sauce to effective social media marketing.

Use evergreen content to highlight your lawyers and firm – particularly when you have nothing to say or when you have a lawyer for whom you are having a more challenging time achieving press results.

What do I mean by “evergreen content?” Think about holidays, timeless client alerts (such as why you need to have a will), spotlights on case studies, practices and lawyers, professional development and careers programs, etc.).

This is what I like to call your “what you say when you have nothing to say” content strategy – or perhaps better put, evergreen content/owned media.

A strong owned media strategy will build your brand, lead to new business and the bonus – it will make your lawyers very happy.

This is especially important for those who work at smaller firms where it may be harder to get top-tier press on a regular basis.

Every big holiday is an opportunity to do something creative and differentiating on social media.

At the very least, create and post a custom image for all of your social media channels. You can easily do this using my favorite tool You can wish your clients and friends of the firm a happy whatever and demonstrate that you are a good corporate citizen. It also shows that your firm has a bit of a personality. It can get monotonous and dry to constantly post about your victories, events and thought leadership.

Let me know how it goes.