The next women who wows is  Emily Griesing.

Emily is a Co-Owner and the Chief Strategy Officer at Bossible, a marketing and business development consultancy for entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses and diverse businesses. She advises clients on how to create and amplify a unique brand voice in order to stand out, reach their target audience and scale their businesses. She builds and executes custom marketing plans that help clients grow as thought leaders, gain exposure in their industries and develop new business.

Emily specializes in marketing to Millennial and Generation Z cohorts and has experience working with clients in a wide range of industries including arts and entertainment, consumer products, finance, health and wellness, leadership consulting, legal, lifestyle, media and technology, non-profits and real estate.

Emily is also the Marketing Manager at Griesing Law, LLC – a firm founded by her mother – where she promotes the capabilities of the Firm and the team of attorneys through various marketing and business development efforts. She is the recipient of Family Business Magazine’s NextGens to Watch, awarded to accomplished young people who represent the second through the sixth generations of family businesses. Emily writes and speaks on topics related to marketing and business development, corporate culture and entrepreneurship for various business outlets.

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What do you love most about what you do?

I get to work with entrepreneurs and professionals who inspire me every day. My clients are forward-thinkers in their industries, outspoken advocates for change and active contributors to their communities – all qualities that I seek to harness myself and which I amplify for them through their marketing efforts. Nothing fulfills me more than being able to bring new voices and perspectives into the limelight, which ultimately helps individuals and businesses I work with grow and prosper.

What do you think is the key for success in a role like yours?

I treat my clients how I expect vendors I hire to treat me: with mutual respect and accountability. Client relationships are everything when it comes to running my business. I started working directly with business owners and other accomplished professionals when I was only 26; to be taken seriously and have others entrust their business to me, I needed to convey my expertise and understanding of the field with conviction and confidence. By doing so, I have been able to build mutual respect with clients off-the-bat whereby they trust and take my advice, rather than merely bringing me on to execute items only their way. Furthermore, offering excellent customer service by being responsive and accountable is key to making clients happy so that they continue to want to work with you and/or refer their contacts to you in the future.

What advice would you give to women in your field?

Always be your best advocate. Many of us are told that if we work hard, follow instructions and put our heads down, we’ll get ahead, but that’s simply not the case. You have to not only ask for but insist upon the parts of your life that you want, whether it’s a promotion, a new contract, an introduction, an education, etc. Acknowledging your needs and your worth and then conveying them to the proper channels is a huge step in taking agency of your own life – even if you don’t get the response you hoped for. Remember: you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Also, building and utilizing your network will also help you gain access to the opportunities that you want when you’re ready to make the “big asks.” But, never forget to give back as much as you get.

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