Making getting more likes and followers your primary goal when it comes to social media success will not get you more business on LinkedIn, any other social channel or in real life.

Read that again.

Success when it comes to content marketing is so much more than just posting perfect content with the perfect hashtags at the perfect time and hoping that you will be inundated with new leads and business because you gained a couple more followers and likes than yesterday.

Successful content marketing on LinkedIn has nothing to do with that.

It’s about knowing your audience so well that you speak directly to your ideal client with content that was tailored to them.

It’s about building rapport and intentional relationships.

It’s about being helpful and teaching others through your content (without expecting anything in return) while being authentic and sharing personal stories.

It’s taking your ideal client from point A (your content) to point B (the result you want).

A lack of content strategy and being consistent are usually why you aren’t getting the results you want on LinkedIn.

If you feel stuck with growth in your engagement/followers, it’s likely because you don’t have goals besides growing vanity metrics.

Now metrics are useful in seeing what resonated with your audience but they don’t tell you everything.

So create a LinkedIn content strategy based on your business goals. All of your posts should be based on that. The vanity metrics will come when you are laser focused on your audience.