LinkedIn quick tip: Have you had the issue on LinkedIn where you aren’t associated with the official company or school and so you get the non logo box (see below) as the image instead of the official company image in the Experience section?

Here’s why it happens – you may have filled out your profile a long time ago before they created a company page.

You may have entered in the school incorrectly (such as New York University Law School versus New York University School of Law).

All you need to do is go to Edit Position/Education, hover over the entry and then it should change to the correct entity. You can always just type the first few letters of the company/school.

You know you have the right one when their logo shows up.

Take the time to fix this as you want to be associated with the official company/school so you can connect with others from there on LinkedIn and also join the alumni groups.

I see this happen a lot on people’s profiles so wanted to give you a quick way to fix it.