If you read my blog you know that I am a big fan of lawyer and entrepreneur Katie Lipp and her posts on LinkedIn. If you’re not following her yet you should.

We met on LinkedIn of course!

Here’s what Katie says when it comes to rules on commenting on LinkedIn posts.

1 – Determine Your Intent. Determine the intent behind your comment. Are you supporting the OP (original poster)? Disagreeing? Providing a similar story? Knowing your intent will help you with number 2, below.

2 – Know When to Stop. No one ever changed the world with a LinkedIn bickering match, and the person you are bickering with is likely not going to change their mind.

Try to look 3 steps ahead to know when it’s worth walking away. I’m not religious, but I always liked the phrase “Let God fight your battles.”

It works wonders to not pick fights that won’t do anything other than get you all worked up. I don’t spend much time (if I can avoid it) trying to “put people in their place.” It doesn’t come from a place of kindness.

3 – Treat it Like a Virtual Workplace. A tone of respect and collegiality is a must. Don’t talk in all caps, tell people what to do or how they should’ve reacted to a situation. These are all toxic and potentially hurtful behaviors.

4 – When in Doubt, Click the “Like” Button Instead of Arguing, Or Scroll Past. I enjoy engagement on my pages, but of course I don’t always agree with comments, especially on very vulnerable posts (but they are still worth posting to provide encouragement and support!).

Instead of telling them I disagree and wasting time on an argument that will go nowhere, I either scroll past, click my response of choice, and move on.

How do you save yourself energy on social media?

PS – Katie and I will be part of a Women Who Wow virtual panel on women entrepreneurs this Wednesday, July 28 – join us!