Did you know that your social activity on LinkedIn impacts the type of content seen in your feed? Here’s how to better customize your personal LinkedIn news feed:

  1. Connect with people you know: Your connections form the core of the conversations you see in your feed, so make sure they’re relevant.
  2. Follow (and unfollow): You have complete control over your news feed and who and what you see on it. Follow the people and pages that discuss topics of interest to you. To better curate your feed, unfollow or mute the ones that don’t.
  3. Tell LinkedIn what you like and dislike: You can tell LinkedIn what you want to see more and less of by clicking the three dots (…) on a post. This will open a toolbox of options, including saving the post, reporting the post or even hiding the specific post from your feed by clicking “I don’t want to see this.” These are all quick ways to help your feed become more relevant to you.
  4. Add your voice: When you like, comment or share posts, you’re letting LinkedIn know that these types of posts are something you care about. Its algorithm will then start showing you see more of these posts. And when people like or reply to your insights, LinkedIn makes sure they see more of you.
  5. Use visibility tools to your advantage: Sometimes you want to get perspectives from your entire network and other times you may want to ask a question to a smaller group of your connections. You can choose both the visibility of your posts and who can comment accordingly. You can also choose who you want to allow to comment on your posts, before or after sharing: anyone, your connections only, or no one. If comments are disabled after you share a post, any existing comments on that post will be deleted.
  6. Use hashtags. hashtags are another way to shape the conversations and insights in your feed. You can follow hashtags and then peruse the associated posts right from your news feed.

I hope this gave you a few ideas for customizing your LinkedIn news feed. Unfortunately there is no way to remove ads from LinkedIn but you can let LinkedIn know what you want (and don’t want) to see.