One of the biggest no no’s on LinkedIn is to mass tag people in a post especially when they don’t have anything to do with it.

This is the equivalent of spamming people on LinkedIn. And no one likes spam.

I see people do this all the time. They often will include a laundry list of names at the end of a post.

You may think that you are promoting the post and letting people know about it so that they will engage with it. But it actually often has the opposite effect. What you wind up doing is confusing and annoying people.

Every single time I am tagged in one of these posts, I untag myself (which by the way you can easily do it too). See below.

Remember if you are creating really good content, you will never have to mass tag people in your post to draw attention to it.

You should always of course tag people in a post who are directly related to it. So you mention someone or an entity, feel free to tag them by using the @ sign, this is not that.

This is when you tag people in a post hoping that they will then like the post because you have alerted them to it.

Have confidence in your content and don’t commit this LinkedIn faux pas.

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