Don’t forget about the power of sending content via email.

I find so many businesses no longer send their clients and prospects emails and instead rely on social media to distribute their content – this is a big mistake.

There is no better direct way to reach clients and prospects (if your contact list is updated and segmented) than email.

Why? Because it puts the content directly into their inboxes – whereas on LinkedIn they may or may not see it due to whether they are on the platform and LinkedIn’s algorithm.

So, if you write a blog post or article, make sure to send it directly to your mailing list in addition to posting it on social media.

Better yet, send a personalized note along with the copy, letting them know you were thinking of them and why they might find the article of interest.

Be sure to comply with advertising and professional ethics rules when you email content – if you use an email marketing platform – which you should – you will cover your bases on this.

Also don’t forget to segment your lists – make sure the content is personalized to ensure your audience feels like it was tailored to them and that you aren’t wasting their time.

Take the time to reconcile any bounceback emails and update your mailing list after every distribution.

Email marketing + social media = more visibility!