You can go viral on LinkedIn during the summer and on the weekend.

My post last week surprised even me by going “viral” especially since it was a Saturday in July. I never post with the intention of going viral but I always post with intention.

The icing on the cake is when a post goes viral.

My advice is to keep showing up consistently and don’t give up when your engagement is down because even mine has been down this summer when many people are on vacation and taking a break from LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn strategy is simple – show up consistently, help others, give useful tips freely, share stories, be vulnerable at times, and stick to my content pillars, the areas that support my business and brands. In my experience the best way to go viral on LinkedIn is to be yourself, be helpful to others and be active on the platform.

Going viral is about creating content that really resonates with your network.

It’s about posting on the right day and at the right time of day.

It’s about authenticity and luck.

It’s about sharing your personal stories. Your challenges. Your background.

It’s about hooking in the reader in the critical first three lines of your post before it says “see more.”

It’s about using hashtags strategically.

It’s about being confident in your content.

It’s about using white space in posts and short paragraphs that make it easy to grab your reader’s attention when they’re scrolling.

It’s responding to all comments – especially within the critical first 30 to 60 minutes after posting.

It’s about not adding links in your post which hurts your ability to go viral because LinkedIn doesn’t want you to take people off its platform.

And most of all it’s about being human.

So stick to your strategy and keep showing up, and you very well might go viral.