I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of altruism lately on LinkedIn. I bet this is a term that you haven’t heard of before! Being a LinkedIn altruist is how I have built my network and brand on the platform.

The idea of being a LinkedIn altruist is about leveraging this powerful platform not just for your own personal benefit but also to contribute meaningfully to your network and give back to others.

This approach will not only help others but will also significantly enhance your own career in unexpected ways.

Here’s how to embody the spirit of altruism on LinkedIn and become an example of generosity in your professional network.

Share Knowledge Freely: One of the hallmarks of a LinkedIn altruist is the willingness to share knowledge and insights without expecting anything in return. Whether it’s through posting articles, sharing industry news or offering your own professional tips, providing value to your network can help others grow. Regularly sharing content that educates, inspires and/or informs can establish you as a thought leader and a generous contributor to your community.

Steps to Get Started:

  • Curate content related to your industry that you find genuinely interesting or useful.
  • Write and share original posts or articles that reflect on your experiences or lessons learned.
  • Engage with comments on your posts to foster a dialogue and further share your insights.

Endorse and Recommend Without Prompting: Endorsements and recommendations are LinkedIn currency, offering tangible evidence of a professional’s skills and character. Be proactive in endorsing the skills of your connections where you can authentically vouch for their abilities. Writing unsolicited recommendations for colleagues or connections who have impressed you can also make a significant impact on their profiles and professional standing.

Steps to Get Started:

  • Make a list of connections whose work you are familiar with and can genuinely endorse.
  • Take a few minutes each week to endorse skills or write a recommendation for someone in your network.

Offer Help and Advice: Being an altruist on LinkedIn also means being open to offering help and advice. This could be as simple as responding to questions in your area of expertise or offering to make introductions where you see potential for mutual benefit. Your willingness to assist others, even when there’s no immediate benefit to you, can cultivate a culture of generosity within your network.

Steps to Get Started:

  • Regularly check your LinkedIn feed and groups for questions or help requests where you can contribute.
  • Offer to introduce connections who could benefit from knowing each other based on your understanding of their goals and needs.

Celebrate Others’ Successes: A true LinkedIn altruist takes joy in the successes of their connections. Make it a habit to congratulate others on their new jobs, promotions and other professional milestones. These gestures of goodwill contribute to a positive and supportive LinkedIn environment.

Steps to Get Started:

  • Use the notifications feature to stay updated on your connections’ achievements.
  • Write personalized messages of congratulations to make your interactions more meaningful.

Participate in or Start LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn Groups offer a platform for like-minded professionals to share resources, advice and opportunities. Participating actively in groups, or even starting a group centered around a particular niche or interest, can be a great way to facilitate knowledge sharing and community building.

Steps to Get Started:

  • Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry and interests, and actively participate in discussions.
  • Consider starting a group if you identify a gap in the current offerings where you can provide value.

Becoming a LinkedIn altruist is about more than just building a network; it’s about actively contributing to the growth and success of others within that network. By sharing knowledge, endorsing skills, offering help, celebrating successes and fostering communities, you not only enrich the professional lives of those around you but also lay the foundation for a more interconnected and supportive industry ecosystem. In the process, you’ll find that the goodwill you extend often comes back to you, enhancing your own career in ways you might not expect!

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