This is a photo of me two years ago today happy and in love in Miami Beach with the man I thought I was going to marry.

So much has changed since this photo was taken, most notably that the person taking this photo is no longer in my life and with someone else, and I had to move out of our home.

Someone wise recently said to me that I should embrace the idea of “it is what it is”, she also said, “you don’t have to like it.” Instead accept that you can’t control what others do and how they feel, and just be happy in the present finding moments of joy. Use everything that happens to you as a learning experience to make yourself a better person.

Life will throw you curveballs. Sometimes your life will go sideways. The only thing you can control – and the key to not falling into a negative cycle of self-blame – is your reaction to these challenges and how you handle them. See everything that happens to you whether good or bad as a teaching lesson. Commit to learning from everything, paying attention to red flags, doing your best, assuming good intent, being kinder and moving on faster.

I thought it was a good message that I wanted to share 🥰