Flywheel Sports has been a huge part of my life since my dear friend Julie took me to my first spin class in early 2017.

Not only did I get in shape, I made great friends. They believed in me and rooted me on accomplish fitness goals I never thought possible.

So many people in the Fly community were there for me when my live-in boyfriend suddenly left me for one of our mutual friends and I lost my job last year. I will never forget the support and love they gave me during my darkest hours. They helped build me back up and gave me much-needed hope.

We are a family – instructors and riders – and I’m heartbroken about them having to lay off most of their staff. I hope we can rebuild and go back to normal – whatever that looks like. My heart goes out to every employee impacted by this.

Many of your favorite places that were part of your everyday can’t survive this shutdown for long. Let’s pray this pandemic is over sooner rather than later. Please social distance and do your part immediately to stop the spread of the coronavirus. I love my #flyfam so much💙