I wanted to demonstrate one of the iPhone’s super cool tools that many people aren’t using on social media but should be.

It’s the screen recording feature. It enables you to record a webpage, and scroll through it like I have below. This is a great way to highlight a client alert, a blog post or a page on your website and incorporate a compelling visual that skims through your article.

Before you can begin using the new screen recorder tool, you’ll first need to add the feature’s button to Control Center. On your iOS device go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls then tap the green plus button next to Screen Recording.

After adding the shortcut, you begin by opening Control Center. On iPhones older than the X, get there by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. On newer iPhones, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen.

Then tap the Screen Recording button, which will prompt a countdown followed by it turning red to indicate to begin capturing what is on your screen. Once you stop recording, you can save the video to the Photos app. Then edit and share the video.

Here’s a look at how it works by showcasing my JD Supra articles.

Note: you can also do this on an android, I am not as familiar with a droid device but I found this helpful article on how to do it.