If you’re like me, during this entire Covid lockdown, you might not exactly know what day of the week it is all the time as every day feels the same. How can it possibly be almost September? This whole year has been a blur.

That being said, as we settle into working from home, it’s important to continue to be productive and to develop skills that enable us to do our boss at work while balancing them to me as we have in our personal lives.

If you’re no stranger to Sunday scaries and you’re bad at being cheerful on Mondays, maybe I can help.

Here are some tips on how successful people start that week which seemed appropriate to post on Monday morning.

  1. Wake up earlier than anyone else in your household
  2. Get your body moving (try the peloton app for a wide range of classes – I will have started to meditate during the pandemic, just something I never thought that I would do. They have five and 10 minute meditation classes that I find to be really digestible first thing in the morning and right before bed)
  3. Do the worst tasks first – meaning take on the tasks you hate to get it done quickly and not have them hang over your head all day long – I am a procrastinator myself, so if you’re anything like me, take this tip to heart and do the worst first
  4. Make a list of everything you must do and cross off items as you complete them, which gives you a sense of accomplishment
  5. Don’t skip breakfast – in fact relish in it. It’s my favorite meal of the day
  6. Take a quick, brisk walk – I have a new puppy so I love to take her for a walk to get my morning latte. Whether you have a dog or not, getting fresh air and getting moving first thing in the am helps me at my head and may do the same for you.
  7. Do the highest priority tasks first
  8. Plan your day around your own natural cycles—do the hardest work when you have the most energy throughout the day
  9. Plan rewards and breaks throughout the day
  10. Plan for some additional learning and education for yourself, whether it’s a podcast, a YouTube video or reading a book
  11. Do a random act of kindness for someone else – and don’t forget to still volunteer and give back to your community
  12. Set aside time for marketing and building your own brand, I find it very helpful to block out time in my calendar for this.
  13. Make plans or set into motion things to look forward to –  whether it’s seeing friends or family, treating yourself to something – this is your reward for completing certain things on your to-do list.

What are your tips to start off the week on the right foot? I’d love to know.