We are all works in progress with so much potential to become our best selves. It’s so easy to get caught up in our every day lives and habits so we avoid making changes or trying new things that will help us grow.

But we should! And we should start doing it now because life is short.

Here are 20 things it’s never too late to do.

  1. Start over
  2. Make amends
  3. Find your passion
  4. Go back to school
  5. Simplify your life
  6. Cut out toxic relationships
  7. Believe in yourself
  8. Forgive someone
  9. Find love
  10. Apologize
  11. Switch careers
  12. Move on from past hurts
  13. Create your own version of success
  14. Simplify your life
  15. Make new friends
  16. Find a new hobby
  17. Become a published author
  18. Learn how to do something that scares you
  19. Learn how to cook
  20. Learn how to use social media (of course I was going to put this one on the list! Reach out to me if you need help with this!)

What would you add to this list?