A couple of years ago I changed my LinkedIn strategy.

I almost didn’t though even though these posts generated the most likes, comments and feedback.


Because the posts showed a more personal side of me that most people tend not to share on LinkedIn. I think being more human makes us more relatable.

I almost continued to play it safe and post just marketing tips, but I knew I could do more with my platform and help others.

Most all, I was worried about sharing too much and then being judged for it. I was scared to put myself out there and worried my employer wouldn’t approve (they didn’t!). They said I was spending too much time building my own brand instead of theirs.

These posts were about how to deal with mean girls, incorporating kindness and how I rebuilt my life after hitting rockbottom.

I was awed by how these posts resonated with some of my followers especially when they said they could also relate.

So to be really successful on LinkedIn, provide value, be helpful, bold and vulnerable. Silence the naysayers. Be consistent.

If you are lucky to have a platform – do more and do good with it. Remember to amplify at every opportunity you can.

And remember that your secret sauce is that you are you, and no one else is you, so bring that to everything you write.

The next move is yours!