Here are some things I’ve learned the hard way over my nearly 20 years in legal and a couple years as a magazine journalist that I wanted to share.

I wish I could tell my younger self all of these!

  1. Always assume good intent (until proven otherwise)
  2. The path to success is never straight
  3. It’s ok to not have the answer – go research it
  4. Money isn’t everything nor does it define your success or happiness.
  5. Your health is your most valuable asset
  6. You can do anything, but not everything
  7. Done is better than perfect and good is good enough
  8. No one is perfect despite what social media shows
  9. You control 2 things in your life. Your decisions and your attitude. Don’t waste either.
  10. Strong people raise, inspire and motivate those around them. They don’t tear them down. Surround yourself with strong people.
  11. Stop caring what other people think of you – care more about what you think of you.
  12. There will always be something outside of your control. Focus on what matters, what’s important and what will move you forward.
  13. Don’t be a mean girl/guy or participate in gossip
  14. Keep your circle small and keep things private
  15. When you surround yourself with good people, good things start to happen
  16. Allow kindness to guide you personally and professionally
  17. Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned but there’s always something to learn from every situation. These hard lessons are what make us stronger and helps us grow.
  18. Procrastination is really your fear of screwing up manifesting itself
  19. Do the worst first
  20. It’s ok to not be ok sometimes

What would you add?