I used to have no idea what I was doing on LinkedIn. I would post random motivational quotes or an interesting article or something I wrote and get very little engagement and not know why.

But now I know why. I was focusing too much on myself. And I wasn’t putting myself in my followers shoes.

I find most people fail at building their personal brand and business on LinkedIn because they’re too focused on themselves rather than helping people succeed.

The content we post on social media should be about how we can help people by sharing the lessons we’ve learned from our own experiences.

Those kinds of stories resonate with your followers if you share them in a way that they can learn from it.

They remember you because of it. Much more so than if you post a dry piece of content.

The goal is to grow your brand and trust by teaching from experience, not to post content or motivational quotes just get a lot of likes.

Real social media success is about helping others and building your brand through providing helpful and value-added content and sharing stories.

Don’t worry so much about the likes, they will come as you build a consistent following and authentic voice.

Share away!

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