The way you format your LinkedIn posts is just as important as what you say.

You have just 1300 characters to get the attention of your audience so use them wisely!

For example, don’t write long, dense paragraphs. People skim content especially online.

Instead, break up your information into short paragraphs like this.

Use paragraph breaks, bullets and numbers when you can to help the reader as they scan the post.

Always write with your audience in mind. For lawyers that means no defined terms. No formal language. Don’t skip two spaces between sentences. And above all don’t capitalize the word Firm.

Don’t mass tag people in your posts thinking they will engage with them more. In fact you’ll do the opposite, which is annoy them. Only tag people in your posts who are directly associated with them.

Place all hashtags at the end of your post. It’s hard to read the post when they’re interspersed in the body copy.

Use a maximum of 5 hashtags or LinkedIn can mark your post as spam.

FYI – LinkedIn penalizes posts with URL links because it wants people to stay on its site.

Remember easy-to-read, value-added content will bring you success on LinkedIn and help you build your brand as a thought leader!