How do you become successful and build a strong professional online brand (that also grows your business?)

By focusing on producing your own original valuable content every day and not overthinking your content too much. Only focus on the social channels used by your clients and prospects.

Most importantly by just be YOU and share your experiences. Do something different and original. Be humble and helpful.

Have faith, believe, believe, work hard, commit, plan ahead, use a calendar to plan out your posts. Look at your metrics to refine your content.

Keep going without worrying about short-term outcomes at first.

Be consistent. Be you. Keep posting no matter how many likes you have or don’t have.

Success will come if you provide value, help and reach others, and you are authentic, humble and likable. The stories where you share a struggle or a lesson learned are those that tend to resonate best with others, and everyone has one of those without even sharing too much about themselves.

Social media success is so much more than the number of likes, comments and shares you get. So just keep going. You’ll know you’re on your way to success when you hear from people that your content is resonating with them either through messages, comments or actual new client work!

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