Here’s a LinkedIn don’t for you that recently happened to me for the first time and was one that I personally found creepy. It was someone using the “I saw you viewed my profile” excuse as a reason to connect with me.

While it is a great idea to regularly check the Who’s viewed your profile page on LinkedIn, don’t use “I saw you viewed my profile” line as an excuse for contacting a new or existing connection.

A person may have many reasons for viewing your profile, or they may have landed on it accidentally.

Rather than addressing why they viewed your profile, focus on telling them why you would like to connect with them.

There is a great benefit to connecting with individuals who have already shown some interest in you by viewing your profile. If they are someone with whom you want to connect, send them a personalized connection request.

With a free account, you’ll see only the last five people who viewed your profile. With a Premium or Sales Navigator account you’ll see every person who’s viewed your profile in the previous 90 days.

It’s a bit weird to point out that you saw they were viewing your profile and that’s not a conversation starter. So keep that information to yourself and instead file it away as intelligence and look for timely, genuine reasons to reach out to that person in a few weeks only if it makes sense.