The number of hashtags you use in a LinkedIn post is so important to the success of your post.

Too few is not good. Too many is not good. Not researching hashtags before you use them is the worst thing you can do.

Use no more than five hashtags per post or LinkedIn will mark your post as spam. That means it won’t show your post to your connections in their newsfeeds.

(Also there is no way to ensure that all of your connections will see all of your posts. It’s not possible. But doing the above will greatly hinder your ability.)

LinkedIn determines, based on a combination of artificial intelligence; the number of likes, comments and shares it has; and their editors, the posts that will be shown to a wider audience.

Hashtags help your posts gain traction. So use them strategically and wisely. If you are reposting content from a company page, use the hashtags already included in the post when sharing yours.

The example here is from a law firm that used too many hashtags on one post. They wound up having zero likes on their post because of exactly what I described above. They should have chosen just five.

Let’s learn from this example and be more strategic (and sparing) about how we use hashtags.