Nicole Marshall is the Director of Business Operations at New Jersey law firm Parker Ibrahim & Berg.

She leads the operational and administrative functions of the firm and oversees human resources policies and procedures, talent acquisition, benefits, training and development, diversity and inclusion, office infrastructure, office expansion, workflow control, facilities, and employee relations.

Get to know Nicole and why she is a woman who wows in this profile.

Why did you choose your profession?

I chose this profession for several reasons but mainly because I love interacting, helping and working with people. I find it interesting to learn and keep up with the employment laws that change very often, as well as to help employees as much as I can. I’m also able to use my creative side which I also enjoy very much.

What do you love most about what you do?

In my earlier career days I loved traveling and working on projects such as office openings from the ground up with my team. The people with whom I have worked over the years have really made my job enjoyable and rewarding. There isn’t anything better than having a great team that works well together and supports each other along the way.

What advice can you offer to women on how to succeed at work?

I read this many years ago and it has stuck with me ever since: “Always function as the CEO of your career.” Your success is your personal responsibility. If you don’t promote yourself, who will? It’s your job to do your best, to network, to seek opportunity and to make your goals clear to anyone who will listen.

Which woman most inspires you and why?

Stephanie Moore, the owner of Mind Body Spirit in Balance greatly inspires me. She was a successful woman in the corporate world who left her career to follow her dreams and is even more successful today. It is amazing what she has accomplished, and it helps me to remember I can do and become anything I desire. She inspires me to live my best life through her great advice.