Administrative Professionals Day is tomorrow Wednesday, April 21. It’s a work holiday recognizing the contributions of assistants and office staff and showing appreciation for them.

Ways to celebrate the day include giving your employees small gifts (electronic ideas below or you can do branded tokens), showing appreciation internally and on social media and planning virtual activities.

One of the simplest ways to thank team members is to send an e-card. You can easily create a card in Canva like I did here. A message from leadership is a nice personal touch to add to the e-card.

You can publicly praise your hardworking admin team members by through social media posts. I am using headshots, screenshots of Zoom team meetings and collages of group photos for my clients with messages of appreciation.

Digital gift cards are an easiest gifts to send for a remote Administrative Professionals Day. You can send vouchers directly by email. Here are ideas for e-gift cards:

* Amazon
* Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts
* Seamless
* Apple
* Netflix
* Spotify
* Whole Foods
* Target

Whatever you do, do something to mark the day. It’s not too late. It’s important especially since we are still working remotely. Employees have a choice for whom they work so make sure they continue to choose you.