In October 2019 I was let go from my job as a director of marketing at a mid-size law firm in large part because I had a mental health issue and the firm at which I worked did not know what to do with me or about it.

I had been dealing with depression and anxiety for months brought on by a traumatic event in my life, and instead of offering me help, they told me to “compartmentalize” my issue, which obviously I couldn’t. I was a good employee, and I loved my job but I needed some help and understanding.

Getting fired was the last thing I needed at a time of major emotional upheaval and stress in my life. It made me realize that no matter what an employer says, you are not a “family.” It is just a job and you are just an at-will employee who can be replaced at any time.

When you are suffering personally, there is no doubt that your work will suffer as well. The key is to find a supportive work environment that has resources to help its people cope and thrive. Especially when one in four people is dealing with a mental health issue.

We are so much more resilient than we think.

I recovered and got help. I rebuilt my life and set out on a new career path. My story isn’t unusual. I know this happens every day at law firms.

This is why I put together a webinar on May 20 with Gina PassarellaDiane Costigan and Kerrie Mohr to discuss how law firms can create and promote an emotionally and mentally healthy workplace in a post-COVID-19 world.

We will discuss how to develop effective strategies to create a more mentally healthy workplace for employees working both on-site and remotely.

Attendees will also learn how to manage their own mental health and wellness from a licensed therapist. I hope you will join us for this important discussion. There is so much more work to be done at law firms and many other organizations.

I hope my story serves as a reminder that many people are coping with a mental health issue and just need support from their employers.

Register here.