Building a strong presence and personal brand on LinkedIn can be done by anyone at any point in their careers. It just requires a commitment of time and effort on your part to share, comment and like posts, as well as to create content on a regular basis.

Here are some quick tools ways that you can build your brand and boost your visibility on LinkedIn starting today.

  1. Use LinkedIn consistently – the algorithm rewards those who regularly use it by showing their posts to more people plus the more you post and are active, the more you will become visible to your network and increase your stature.
  2. Build a strong profile highlighting your professional strengths.
  3. Keep your profile up to date and fill out all of the sections. This enables you to achieve “All-Star” status and also to rank higher in searches if you strategically use keywords in your about and experience sections.
  4. Create a headline that describes what you do and who you are.
  5. Use the featured section to pin/highlight key posts to your profile.
  6. Stay on top of new features and use them to your benefit.
  7. Become known for your expertise by posting content of value and newsworthy links/updates.
  8. Like, comment and share the posts of important people in your network.
  9. Be helpful and add value with every comment, post and message – they’re all part of your personal brand.
  10. Share your experiences and tell stories to benefit others.
  11. Continuously grow your network with the right people. Don’t be afraid to disconnect – your connections are a reflection of you!
  12. Recycle your greatest hits. Reuse and repurpose your content to make it work smarter and harder for you.
  13. Use hashtags and images to make your posts stand out and become more discoverable.
  14. Use the notifications section for reasons to reach out to VIP connections – birthdays, work anniversaries and job moves are great excuses to reach out to people in your professional network – and LinkedIn provides you with a treasure trove of these prompts. So use them to your advantage. Information is power.
  15. Join a LinkedIn Group and post to it – this is a great way to increase your network and the reach of your posts. If you have an upcoming webinar or just wrote an article, post it in an industry or trade group with some introductory text – you never know who might be interested in it. Likewise, if you see something interesting in a group, don’t hesitate to like or comment on it, you can build relationships by taking this sort of initiative.

What else would you add to the list?