I keep seeing people make the same mistakes on LinkedIn with hashtags – I don’t want you to make them too.

First off, don’t overuse hashtags – this means don’t use more than 5 hashtags per post. If you do, LinkedIn will likely mark your post as spam. That means no one will see your posts, defeating the entire reason for posting to LinkedIn.

Have you ever seen a post with tons of hashtags get a lot of likes and engagement? Nope.

Hashtags are meant to help categorize and bolster your posts, but don’t abuse them.

Research your hashtags before you use them. Context is important.

Always check the number of followers a hashtags has in the main search bar before you post them (too many or too few aren’t great). There are opportunities in the low to mid hundreds to build your brand as you can see in these examples.

The hashtag suggestions that LinkedIn gives you when you type in a post aren’t always the best ones – they’re best on artificial intelligence and keywords – not the number of followers it has.

Also remember that the number of followers of a hashtag doesn’t mean that’s the total number of people using them. It means that’s the number of people following that hashtag right now.

Always put hashtags at the end of the post instead of including them within the post itself – it makes it easier to read body copy.

Hashtags is a great tool to increase the visibility of your posts IF you use them right.

Happy hashtagging!