If you missed my webinar on how to use hashtags on LinkedIn, here’s a recap of the key points, as well as the top hashtags in the legal industry, legal recruiting, diversity and legal marketing areas.

(Remember the more followers a hashtag has doesn’t necessarily mean the better the hashtag – you don’t want your content to get lost). There’s lots of opportunity with being an early adopter of some hashtags so that you are the person who comes up when people search it. How and when to use them is noted in the slides below.

PS – using hashtags in your headline, summary or work experience sections aren’t the same as using them in a post. Hashtags on LinkedIn only matter in posts.

I prefer to include hashtags at the end of a post. You should use only 3 to 5 hashtags or LinkedIn will likely mark your post as spam.

I left program attendees with this homework that you can do too:

  • Start building a hashtag strategy for key practices/industries and areas such as diversity/recruiting and pro bono.
  • Research hashtags (that means clicking on each of them) before you use them and keep lists by topics and practice/industries, etc.
  • Review analytics to see how the posts do with hashtags and reuse those hashtags that do well (also some posts do fine without hashtags at all).
  • Train lawyers and others on how to use hashtags effectively to truly harness their power. Make it easy for them to use hashtags by sending them examples of what they should post.

Happy hashtagging! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or a copy of the slides.