What’s the one place where law firms of all sizes should not cut corners and actually spend money?

It’s your web site.

It’s so important that your law firm website accurately reflects your brand. And it’s equally important to not let your website become outdated.

Having a website that doesn’t reflect your brand can hurt your business, particularly as more people search for you and your firm on Google.

If you’re not investing in your own business and technology, clients may wonder if you will invest in them.

I see a lot of law firms get themselves into a crisis situation where their website has to be updated immediately because they let it fall by the wayside.

There are so many parts of your website that need to be considered such as:

  • Is it responsive?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Is the content easily readable for mobile and desktop users?
  • Are the lawyer bio pages optimized since they’re the most viewed pages on a law firm web site?
  • Can I easily find someone’s contact info?
  • Does it link to your blogs?
  • Does it have a good SEO?
  • Do you have enough content on each page and is that content optimized for readability?
  • Does your home page really reflective of your brand and does it showcase your key differentiators?
  • Is it ADA compliant? (A major risk management issue law firms can’t ignore)
  • How is the search functionality?
  • Can users easily print and PDF pages from it if they want to?
  • And most importantly, is it focused on your clients?

Take the time to invest in your website and work with your website developer on an ongoing basis to keep it updated.

Here’s a video with more on this topic.

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