Lisa Niser is an individual and small business tax expert with 25 years’ experience in the tax field and 19 years’ experience running her own practice.

Her super power is her ability to help professionals understand how taxes work in a way that won’t make their brain hurt so they can make decisions that fit their priorities and move them towards meeting or maintaining their goals.

Lisa is passionate about tax education and offers financial wellness courses that business can provide as part of their wellness programs, an online course called “What New Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Taxes” to arm those starting out with key information and a program for those who just made partner or will soon be up for consideration to help them understand how cash flow and taxes will change.

Lisa is based in downtown Chicago where she lives the urban life with her husband, two teenage sons and her goldendoodle.

Why did you choose your profession?

This is my second career. I started in retail as a shoe buyer and manager. While I loved running a business and working with people, the schedule wasn’t conducive to family life and since I grew up in the tax world (I am the 3rd generation female in the field), I decided to look more into it and saw it could fit my lifestyle and interests so I went back and got my Masters in Taxation and networked my way into Ernst & Young.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love that I get to teach people about something that they interact with everyday (taxes) and yet weren’t taught much, if anything about and that this reduces their stress and helps them make decisions that work for them.

How has social media helped you build your business/brand?

I am expanding beyond tax preparation and planning into teaching and speaking so social media has given me a platform to build a nationwide reputation as an individual and small business tax expert.

Any advice to young women about succeeding in the workplace?

Relationships are like gold so take time to get to know people beyond the typical fluff. You never know where you or they will land in the future.

What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

You are more than good enough.

What do you think is the key for success in a role like yours?

Learning to say no when I have reached capacity for a busy season and charging what I am truly worth as it attracts the clients I click with and allows me to work with fewer of them and give them the personalized attention on which I pride myself.

What is a surprising/fun fact about you?

I can sing the alphabet backwards.