If you want to keep your employees during this Great Resignation, here’s how.

Focus on your employees.

Ask what can make them more comfortable or supportive. It’s so simple but just talk to your people.

What employees want, and how you respond, matters for retention.

If you don’t know what employees want, you can’t build retention strategies based on their needs.

Employees not only want flexibility and they expect it.

Companies requiring employees to return to the office without any options for flexibility will see attrition soar.

If you require everyone to be back in the office you are at major risk for losing high-performing or critical talent.

In addition:

Extend perks (bonuses, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, etc) and benefits (such as hybrid or working from home) EQUITABLY (especially at law firms where certain benefits are only offered to lawyers)

Really support employee well-being and mental health not just on mental health awareness month.

When it comes to stopping poaching of your employees and not losing your people to the Great Resignation in 2021, finding ways to improve job satisfaction – through respect, fair treatment, flexibility, above market compensation and benefits, promotion and lateral opportunities and investing in wellbeing is what employers should be focused on.

Companies that recognize this new workplace dynamic and rise to the challenge will be the ones who will retain their people. And they will also be leaders in paving the way for a healthier work environment for all.

And if your people decide to leave, support them!

Help them get to where they want to go because your alumni relations program is so important for future referrals, business, recruiting and general goodwill.

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