Yesterday I realized I had access to a new LinkedIn feature when I posted a video to the platform. LinkedIn now automatically adds captions to videos when you upload them.

Captions are important because of accessibility reasons of course, and because most people scroll on social media without the sound on. If you upload a video without captions, you’re missing out on a huge audience and opportunities for your audience to engage with your posts.

While you can’t edit the style of the LinkedIn captions, it will allow you to edit the caption text minimally – only once – and only from your desktop.

While I think LinkedIn auto captions on videos will be a useful feature for many and will save them time, I personally like being able to format, style and edit my captions using apps, especially because auto captions (and Starbucks) never get the spelling of my first name correctly!

You’ll see two sets of captions in the video here – the ones I created myself using an app – and then the LinkedIn version. I left them both in today to show you the difference between them. I will not be uploading videos with my own captions to LinkedIn anymore since it will do it for me automatically.

PS – You can remove the captions but only from the desktop version – it’s a tiny prompt at the bottom of the pop up window that enables you to review and edit the captions.

The caption apps I like the most are Captions, Capcut and MixCaptions. They each have pluses and minuses but overall, they are easy to use and as long as you remember to view and then edit the text before you post the captions, they are very useful.

Captions are so important to enhance visibility and reach of your video content, so I am all for anything that will help with that!

What do you think of this new LinkedIn feature?

Check out this video for more on the new LinkedIn captions feature.