The way many law firms typically approach social media and content creation often misses the mark. The content is often dry, boring, firm-centric and is a regurgitation of news posted on your website. It also often lacks the social part in social media. While sharing firm news such as award wins, recent matter victories, firm news and achievements is undoubtedly important to your firm, it may not always strike a chord with clients and potential clients.

The reason for this lies in the evolving expectations of social media users who want content that not only informs but also connects and provides value to them.

Understanding this shift is critical for law firms aiming to leverage social media effectively. In this blog post, I delve into essential strategies for law firms to transform their content approach, focusing on creating more client-centered, value-driven content that resonates deeply and builds stronger relationships with their audience.

Here are key takeaways for law firms to revamp their content strategy and truly engage their audience.

1. Shift the Focus from Firm to Client: The majority of content posted by law firms tends to be about themselves. It’s vital to shift this perspective and create content that is client-centric. What does your audience gain from showcasing your achievements? How do your legal victories and expertise translate into benefits for them?

2. Storytelling Over Information Dumping: Narrative is key. Instead of simply stating your firm’s accomplishments, frame them within stories that highlight their impact on clients. For instance, rather than just mentioning a Chambers ranking, discuss how this recognition translates into better service and outcomes for clients.

3. Engage Through Relevance and Relatability: Evaluate each piece of content through the lens of client interest. Whether it’s an article, alert or a blog post, the content should answer the question: “Why is this important for my client?” Make it relatable and relevant to their needs and interests.

4. Ditch the Lazy Approach: The easy route is to repost and recycle content from your website or press releases. To stand out, take the extra step to tailor your content for social media platforms, keeping in mind the preferences and behaviors of your audience on these channels.

5. Client-Centricity in All Forms of Content: This approach extends beyond social media posts to all forms of client communication, including articles, client alerts and press mentions. Each piece should be crafted with the client in mind, offering them valuable insights or solutions.

6. Ask the Right Questions Before Posting: Before sharing any content, law firms should ask themselves: “What’s in it for my client? Why would they care to read this?” This mindset ensures that content is not only informative but also engaging and beneficial to the audience.

The legal industry’s content strategy needs a makeover. It’s time to move beyond firm-centric narratives and adopt a more client-focused approach. By doing so, law firms can not only increase their engagement on social media but also strengthen their relationships with clients, offering them content that is not just informative but also engaging and relevant to their needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Client Focus: Transition from firm-centric to client-centric content.
  • Engaging Narratives: Utilize storytelling to make content more engaging and relevant.
  • Relevance and Relatability: Ensure all content is relevant and relatable to the client’s interests and needs.
  • Tailored Content: Customize content for social media rather than reposting website material.
  • Comprehensive Client-Centricity: Apply this approach to all forms of communication.
  • Purposeful Posting: Always consider the client’s perspective and interest before posting.

By adopting these content strategies, law firms can significantly enhance their engagement with clients and build stronger, more meaningful connections.