Lisa Lang is the General Counsel at Kentucky State University where she leads a team of four professionals while serving on the university president’s senior leadership team for a  campus with more than 2000 students and 135 full-time instructional faculty. She also hosts a successful podcast “Why Not This Not That.”

She is an active

I’m seeing a lot of photos of kids returning to school holding their signs so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

When I did the calculation of how many days I’ve been working full time I was a bit surprised.

Since I graduated from New York University I’ve worked roughly 5720 days(!). Now that’s

Are you taking the time this weekend to enjoy what’s really important in life? Make sure you do as life passes us all by so quickly.

I also spent some time thinking about and then writing down what I want to accomplish in the last part of 2021.

Setting intentions is a great way to

In life sometimes we just need to ask for what we want.

Sometimes we just need to have the courage to put ourselves forward for that speaking engagement or that article writing opportunity.

Not everything in life comes to us easily. And we should raise our hands for different things that we want in our

I was inspired by a recent LinkedIn post by my friend Joshua Baron, a criminal lawyer in Salt Lake City, who often writes about how to enhance your business relationships, and particularly how to turn business relationships into referrals or new business.

Josh wrote about the power of thank you notes – and how

As a founding partner of SeltzerFontaine, a legal search firm based in Los Angeles, and former practicing lawyer, Valerie Fontaine has assisted hundreds of attorneys with their career transitions and partnered with our employer-clients in achieving strategic growth. She places attorneys with law firms, corporate law departments, governmental entities and nonprofits, and consults on career

Did you know that your social activity on LinkedIn impacts the type of content seen in your feed? Here’s how to better customize your personal LinkedIn news feed:

  1. Connect with people you know: Your connections form the core of the conversations you see in your feed, so make sure they’re relevant.
  2. Follow (and unfollow): You

In this new video I discuss something you absolutely shouldn’t do on LinkedIn, which is liking your own posts.

It can make you look desperate and not technically savvy on the platform.

Don’t focus too much on the number of likes you have. Vanity metrics aren’t as important as engagement.

Also liking your own posts

It’s time to learn how to master your LinkedIn Company page! No matter what size your organization is – you need a LinkedIn Company Page.

In this webinar on September 9 at 12:30pm ET, learn how to create a LinkedIn Company Page that will engage with your followers, bring in leaders and strengthen your market

The end of summer/going into fall is the PERFECT time to focus on your business development and branding efforts especially since many of your peers and competitors may not be.

We are in the hottest job market in years right now – this is the time to focus on your own personal branding and business