Sometimes we need a reminder of the basics needed to be successful at work especially after being away on vacation or slacking off a bit during the summer.

The fall is a great time to refocus ourselves and find new meaning in our work, and to be a more engaged employee and colleague. Remember you can always reinvent and apply yourself and become a stronger professional you. Try applying some of these basic principles to your work and watch how your reputation and stature becomes reaches new heights.

  1. Do more than your peers
  2. Set ambitious goals
  3. Be kind
  4. Be indispensable
  5. Be available – say yes more
  6. Take initiative
  7. Don’t gossip or be a mean girl/guy
  8. Learn to adapt yourself and grow
  9. Be purposeful
  10. Be resourceful
  11. Dress the part
  12. Be responsive
  13. Know that good is good enough sometimes
  14. Think before you speak or shoot off a curt email
  15. Be comfortable being uncomfortable sometimes
  16. Stay calm under pressure
  17. Drink the company Kool Aid
  18. Be helpful
  19. Demonstrate good judgment
  20. Show empathy
  21. Admit your mistakes and strive to fix them ASAP
  22. Have good people skills
  23. Say please and thank you often 
  24. Give genuine compliments
  25. Underpromise and overdeliver
  26. Focus on quality not quantity
  27. Stay positive even when things are negative
  28. Set ambitious goals
  29. Surround yourself with the right people
  30. Always keep growing and evolving

And most importantly, always pay attention to your gut – it often has something incredibly wise to say that will guide you to great (and the right) things.