LinkedIn is the lowest hanging fruit for keeping your professional network warm. It takes little time and effort to use the platform to build your brand and generate leads. Case in point – I am currently sitting on the Acela and using my time on the train to write this quick post, which each of you could do too. 

  • Did someone important in your network just announce they got a new job? Send them a note to congratulate them and ask them for lunch. It’s a great excuse to get back in touch wind someone important. 
  • Are you headed to an industry event or upcoming conference? (Or better yet, are you speaking at one?) Post it as a status update so you can find others in your network who are also attending. 
  • Did someone you admire write an article or publish a book that you enjoyed? Share a link to it along with why you recommend that others read it. This will greatly strengthen your professional relationships. 
  • Did you discover something innovative or insightful in your field that would be of interest to your network? Write a quick post just as I am doing here. I drafted this in the notes section of my iPhone while sitting on the train over Labor Day weekend. You don’t always need to have your laptop on you or be in your regular controlled work environment. Use what you have.  

Now that summer is over you’ve only got four months to make a real mark in your business development and marketing efforts before the year is over. Use LinkedIn wisely. 

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