Working from home can be really stressful especially when you have kids or pets, and the world is so uncertain right now. The coronavirus is a emotional amplifier for all of us, triggering feelings of anxiousness and helplessness. Here are a few tips to help you manage your long days at home while still being productive.

  • Do the worst first – tackle that one thing that you’ve been avoiding first thing in the day – it will give you added confidence throughout the day to have a victory under your belt
  • Take short breaks (walk around, stretch, take a Zoom or Instagram group fitness class)
  • Reach out to a mentor or wise friend and talk things out
  • Stay connected to your support system (call, Facetime, do Zoom happy hours or coffee breaks)
  • Smile – take a short break to look through videos of your kids/dogs, Instagram’s hysterical memes, follow cute animal Instagram accounts (works wonders for me) or watch a funny YouTube video
  • Limit the time you listen or read the news to once a day- that will only add to your stress
  • Look at past photos of happy times to remind you of the good times ahead
  • Plan for the future – make a list of the vacations you want to take, the restaurants you want to go to or any concerts or shows you want to see
  • Practice meditation or yoga

Remember we are all in this together across the country and world, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay safe.