LinkedIn tip of the day: INCREASE YOUR CONNECTIONS

Now is an excellent time to build your connections, as we will be relying on online networking for the foreseeable future.

Be sure to connect with everyone at your most recent company, past companies, past vendors and clients, and anyone else you’ve worked with in the professional realm.

The more connections you have in common with a person, the higher you’ll come up in their searches—so keep building your network, especially within your own industry.

To be successful at LinkedIn, you must send connection request an actively build your network in addition to excepting requests. Don’t just sit back and wait to receive connections, take the initiative to reach out to people. Especially right now. This is a great time to get in touch with former colleagues and classmates.

It’s always good to send a message when you send a connection request, but it’s not a requirement in my opinion anymore. Especially if you’re on your mobile phone. Individuals are used to getting requests without a personalized note. Just make sure that you know the person you are requesting. If you send too many requests on LinkedIn to people who you don’t know, you can get penalized by LinkedIn and you won’t be able to send any additional requests for a certain period of time.

Remember, the goal is to have a robust professional network on LinkedIn with more than 500 connections, but always think quality over quantity.