Every now and then I find myself needing some extra inspirational advice, especially during the pandemic. What makes me an expert in this area? Well I’ve been through a lot personally and professionally and learned some lessons that may help you too. I wanted to share with you a list of inspirational and motivational actions that I have been keeping on simple things we can do to be better, kinder people and give back to others. These are easy things each of us can incorporate into our every day lives that will make a big impact. Try them out let me know what you think.

  1. Find the good in people
  2. Pay good deeds forward
  3. Make someone smile
  4. Extend a helping hand
  5. Dwelling on the past won’t get you to your future
  6. Assume good intent with everyone – you never know what someone is dealing with
  7. Slow down before you speed up
  8. Don’t say yes when you mean no
  9. Feel grateful – look for the silver linings
  10. You are not defined by your job title
  11. You can never go wrong from being helpful
  12. Being calm is a superpower that allows your mind to find solutions
  13. Tough times say a lot about who you are
  14. See the good in everything, keep your promises and don’t cross anyone
  15. Support others to succeed, give your undivided attention and exceed expectations
  16. Forgive people and give others the benefit of the doubt but it’s okay to walk away from those who hurt you
  17. Puppies cure all problems (I just got one after losing my beloved dog last month). We all are spending more time at home and so this creates this perfect environment in which to train a pet. Plus, pets make you happier (I know this but studies back me up). Meet my new French bulldog puppy Lucy. 
  18. Spend time with your family and friends and tell them what they mean to you
  19. Experiences are so much more powerful than material possessions
  20. Don’t be a mean girl/guy
  21. Not everyone will like you and that’s okay
  22. Find people who let you be you
  23. Express gratitude, cultivate optimism, avoid overthinking and practice kindness
  24. Be kind, show patience, motivate others and learn from others
  25. You get what you expect – If you believe today will be amazing, it will be great. If you believe people are kind, they will be big hearted. If you think you will succeed, you will prosper. If you feel grateful, you will be.