It’s important to keep in mind that so many people only post their perfect moments on social media, creating an illusion that they have a perfect life both professionally and personally. They airbrush their lives just like they airbrush their photos, taking away any imperfections and creating a fantasy that often makes others feel inferior.

But no one’s life is perfect all of the time, no matter what they show on social. Trust me.

It bothers me when I see others pay such meticulous attention to creating a fake Instagram photo perfect life to the outside world. Nothing could be more fake or detached from reality.

Real life is perfectly imperfect and often complicated, messy and inconvenient. Don’t fall into the trap of letting others’ social media feeds make you feel as if you’re inferior or someone else’s life is better than yours.

You all know how much I value social media as a tool for branding and lead generation, but I also see it as a way we can help others and be our authentic selves without having to pretend to be perfect.

Sometimes it’s better not to post anything to social media. I used to be much more public with what I posted on my personal social accounts. And after a rough 2020, I decided that less was more. I don’t think that everyone needs to know everything about you all the time. It tends to foster jealousy among some friends and colleagues and can complicate life in general. Being private is one of the best things you can do. Let people wonder what you’re doing.

So be brave enough to share your reality, your challenging moments and failures in order to help, motivate and educate others – that’s what I try to do. Social media can be such a powerful tool to reach and connect with others – use it for good.

Be inspired by others’ successes, humbled by your own achievements and excited about the growth opportunities ahead of you.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone and remember that you’re exactly where you are supposed to be.