Here are some ideas that you can implement to increase the visibility and the power of your social media posts and presence.

  • Build a strong LinkedIn profile highlighting who you really are and your strengths so that when people look at your profile – which they will! – yours is up to par and optimized
  • Post consistently – this is a must do in order to effectively build your brand and start getting noticed on LinkedIn. The algorithm also favors people who post several times per week.
  • Share an inspiring story or lesson learned with your connections.
  • Build an editorial/content calendar to help manage your posts.
  • Share your content at the right time (during commuting hours and lunchtime).
  • Be a content collector and a creator.
  • Use compelling visuals to bring your posts to life.
  • Create a hashtag strategy for each post (keep a list of relevant hashtags by topic).
  • Repurpose your content across channels (but adjust the language and tone for the medium).
  • Maximize every webinar/conference and create a top takeaways piece.
  • Use a combination of evergreen and timely posts.
  • Try a powerful mix of earned and owned media.
  • Sprinkle in hashtag holidays and other milestones to fill in content gaps.
  • Strengthen relationships by promoting the successes of others.
  • Use a mix of mediums to engage with your target audience (video, thought leadership, podcasts, etc.).
  • Try paid social to spotlight key posts.
  • Always think show versus tell – let your content speak for itself – you should never have to sell yourself or your services if your content is doing its job!

I hope these tips are helpful!