Did you know that there’s no way for every single person who is a connection of yours on LinkedIn to see every single post of yours?

In fact the odds are against you that they will see your posts at all!

That’s because of the time of day that they are on LinkedIn, when you post, your hashtags and LinkedIn‘s tricky algorithm.

This is why it is so important that you reuse and repurpose your content on LinkedIn and all other social media channels.

I see so many people take the time to create really great pieces of content and they post it just one time.

Law firms are notorious for doing this. You should absolutely repost client alerts, blog posts and upcoming events and webinars multiple times because that is your most important thought leadership content.

Do not worry about spamming anyone because you simply can’t!

Repurposing content is different than just reposting the same content in multiple places. With repurposing, you make minor tweaks that give your content new life.

Success on LinkedIn is being a consistent presence with content of value. So let your existing content work harder and smarter for you starting today. Make a calendar to track your posts.

Reusing and repurposing your content is smart, its efficient and it’s how to become more successful at content marketing and building your online brand today.