I started my Women Who Wow series a year ago.

I did it to spotlight women, their amazing career paths and advice.

I mostly did it for allyship and because I have been the target of mean girls and backstabbed many times in my career and my personal life. I want to lift up other women and give them a platform to shine.

Women supporting women is a real thing!

I didn’t believe that when I worked for a woman who tried to hold me back. I thought that was the norm in business.

After years of dealing with that negativity, I didn’t know there was something else out there.

But there is. And I want women at all stages of their to know that.

There is room for all of us. We can all learn from each other. We are stronger when we support each other.

Take a look at the profiles on the blog featuring amazing women.

Stay tuned for a new section of the blog to expand Women Who Wow.

If you would like to recommend someone to be featured in the Women Who Wow series, please let me know!