Here are four ways that I’ve achieved success on social media (the Cliffs Notes: being authentic, being responsive, adding value and consistently engaging)

  1. Be Authentic – we’re drawn to people who are open and honest, share their true selves and admit their flaws. Tell stories when you can. This has been my #1 key to building my brand on LinkedIn.
  2. Be Responsive – When you respond to and acknowledge others, you build stronger relationships. You also improve the visibility of your posts with every comment you make. In addition, sharing others’ content and insights also builds strong relationships and increases the likelihood that they will share your content too.
  3. Add Value – When you provide valuable tips, insights and links to your social media networks, you demonstrate your expertise and credibility, and build your reputation as a resource. When you consistently provide great content over time, you won’t need to advertise how great you are, because the community you have built will do it for you.

    Consistency is different for everyone – for me it’s once a day but for others, it can mean once every few days or three times a week. The LinkedIn algorithm rewards those who post often – so that’s a major benefit of posting more plus it also helps you build your brand. PS – Don’t worry about posting too much on LinkedIn. You can’t spam people. Just don’t post more than once a day.

  4. Engage – You’re active and present on the social media networks you have chosen to build. You consistently post and share helpful, value-added content.

What else would you add to this list?