How much responsibility do you have to share content that is produced by your company/firm? Absolutely none.

I see a lot of people who feel that they have to share posts made by their firms but you need to make sure these posts align with your personal brand and values.

I’ll give you an example. I worked for a firm that said to me that I should be using my strong LinkedIn network and reach to promote their news and successes especially during working hours. I was taken aback by that. I did share posts of theirs that fit my values and brand but at other times, their posts didn’t make sense for me to do that or I simply didn’t want to.

Always be genuine and authentic in your LinkedIn content – this is YOUR personal brand. Your posts should always be intentional and reflect who YOU are. Not your firm/company. This is YOUR LinkedIn profile – not your company’s.

You should not feel compelled to use your LinkedIn presence to promote your employer if you don’t want to. But do it when and if it makes sense. And you absolutely can post content during working hours even if you are supposed to be “on the clock.”

Today it’s okay to consciously build your personal brand and you own your LinkedIn profile.