Do you want know why the posts that do the best on LinkedIn are the ones where people share a story or recount a challenge they’ve faced?

Because the very best social media marketing strategy is actually to just be yourself.

It’s using authenticity, your experiences and storytelling to help and connect with others.

When you do this you will find and attract connections and clients who align with you and want to work with you FOR YOU!

Authenticity is key. Especially today. So banish those vanilla posts from your slate. As well as any posts that are too self-congratulatory or boastful. And just find ways to be you.

For all of you business professionals out there who are worried about injecting too much of your life or personality into your posts, or who aren’t sure what to say, think about crafting a post on:

  • Someone who influenced your career
  • Why you pursued your career path
  • A big challenges you faced early on in your career or recently
  • An accomplishment of which you are very proud that others could learn from
  • An employer or organization that means a lot to you
  • A matter or project that left a lasting impression on you
  • Something you read that impacted you profoundly
  • Why you moved to your current city or took your current job

When you start to think along these lines they opportunities for content are endless…