How many of you put off doctor’s appointments and other important items on your personal to-do list because you’re “too busy?”

I’m certainly guilty of it.

Especially when it’s something I don’t want to do.

Here’s the thing – everyone is busy, and there’s never a good time for anything. So we MUST make time for the things that are important.

Like doctor’s appointments, especially a mammogram, a colonoscopy, annual checkups, exercise, going to our kids’ dance recitals and visiting elderly family members.

This photo was taken right before I got my most recent mammogram.

Given my family history of breast cancer and the fact that my mom passed away from another cancer, Multiple Myeloma, I don’t mess around when it comes to stuff like this no matter what.

My mammograms always come back irregular, so I always need to get an ultrasound. For a few days I get really nervous, but I know I am doing everything I need to do.

It’s breast cancer awareness month, a really good reminder to take care of ourselves and to make that mammogram appointment.

Life is inconvenient sometimes and everything seems to take more time than you think it will.

Just accept it and get on with your day – those around you will understand that you sometimes need to leave early, take a longer lunch or come in late to go to a doctor’s appointment because guess what? They do too!

Be a superstar on most days so that when you need time off for something like this, you’ve built up the trust equity with your company to be OOO.

Every one of us regardless of our job title or industry can say that we are super busy at any point of the day, but no one is too busy to make time for the things that are really important to them.

It’s about balance and priorities, and we all need to get better about finding it.

We can stop scrolling our social media feeds or watching something on Netflix in order to find time.

That being said, if something has to give, don’t ever procrastinate with anything related to your health.

In some cases, early detection through screening can make all of the difference.

Remember that your work will always be there waiting for you.

Less Instagram and more mammogram.